Design & UX

Visual design and user experience are vital to successful brands. Whether it be a logo, a website, or an application, your design should set you apart from the rest.

Design matters. A lot.

Great design is powerful. We're a shop of pragmatists, and we believe that service to our clients means understanding their needs and goals in order to achieve the most useful visual designs. For example—a beautiful logo that's not in step with a company's actual business goals means very little. We aren't interested in creating things simply to show off to our peers. We're interested in designing your business success. 

"The first impression we get, and the most important moment of interaction, comes almost entirely from a brand's visual design."

– Charlie Pratt, Creative Director
how we go about it

First, listen and learn. Then we build.

At Fox and Cotton, we make a point to listen and remain curious. We purposefully challenge our own perceptions and tendencies to try and create products that companies can own and exploit for their own success. 
We listen closely to your needs, to identify the business challenges.
We dive even deeper, to establish goals and a creative direction.
We begin to build, anchored by a deeper understanding and strategy.

"We are design pragmatists. We don't really care about our portfolio—we care about building your business success."

– Charlie Pratt, Creative Director

We are not a chop-shop.

"Measure twice, cut once." In other words, doing something right is more important than doing it at breakneck speed. We believe our process leads to the best results, which is our constant goal. We hand-select our clientele, and pay close attention not only to the business goals but also the character and ethic of our customers. We're looking for great clients as much as our clients are looking for great services.

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