Data Science

Data science has become a critical tool in the pursuit of business insight and robust applications. Through machine learning, model building, and algorithm development, we can enrich and empower your business.
what we believe

Business decisions should rely on more than just intuition.

Using the combined forces of mathematics and automation, we deliver business-class data science services to our customers. Based on a fundamental belief in the scientific method, we believe that an unbiased capture and analysis of business data can lead to the most promising insights, applications, and outcomes.  

Clean capture, unbiased analysis, and business solutions. In that order.

Too often, businesses focus more on the "data" than the "science." At Fox and Cotton, we built our processes on a bedrock of science, and then allow the data to flow through those processes without bias. Our goal is to deliver insights and build functional tools and applications, so that your business operates more productively.
We help you clean and store your data more effectively.
Deep analysis and problem-solving in order to achieve your goals.
Applications and insights integrated with your business.

"Information is the oil of the 21st century, and analytics is the combustion engine."

– Peter Sondergaard, SVP, Gartner Research

Modern technologies for real-world applications.

We make use of both proprietary and open-source platforms to not only deliver insights and data analysis, but also to build custom applications for your business. Each business comes with a unique set of challenges, and platforms like Java, Python, and Docker offer us the ability to create stable, flexible, and scalable solutions to serve the particular needs of our customers.

Let's dig in together.