Technology solutions for businesses & organizations

Fox and Cotton is a small technology company that delivers in three core areas: design and user experience, and data science. In today's marketplace, these are vital and expanding arenas in which growth-oriented businesses and organizations are thriving. Learn more about us below.
Stand out from the crowd. From web to mobile, from emails to ads, branding & design drives customer engagement and grows business. Learn more about our creative services.
Leverage data to better your business. Grow your business through automation, analytics, machine learning, and neural networks. Learn more about our data services.

A small but powerful team

Currently, we are a small partnership operating for handpicked clientele. Due to the unique nature of our skillsets, we manage each area of business independently.
Charlie Pratt
Creative Director
10+ years experience building brands, websites, mobile apps, and software interfaces to help propel businesses forward.
Katie Pratt
Data Scientist
Enterprise-level machine learning, algorithms, trained models, and automation to solve business challenges and maximize value. 

Learn about our services.